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TaskArchitect for Students provides the same tools that human factors engineers and other professionals use throughout the world at a fraction of the cost





Maximum number of tasks 20 200 4000
Maximum number of properties 10 20 100
Link analysis      
Timeline analysis      
Location map      
Attach/detach tasks      
Price (US dollars) FreeDownload $540/$54 $1250/$125

TaskArchitect for Students is for use by students on student-owned hardware to meet course requirements and perform academic research at degree-granting institutions only. They are not available for government, commercial, or other organizational use. 

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TaskArchitect allows you to simplify your work and focus on the process and the content of analysis rather than the format in which you represent the data. This helps you learn faster and create more advanced analysis.

Students across the globe studying on courses including human factors, ergonomics, industrial design, teaching and computer science have benefited from applying TaskArchitect and equipping themselves with in-depth understanding of and critical skills in speedy, sophisticated analyses.

When you use TaskArchitect, you’ll acquire a critical skill that will serve as an asset in your studies and future careers - regardless of your subject or job industry.

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