TaskArchitect for Teachers

TaskArchitect allows students to focus on the process and content of the analysis rather than nuts and bolts of representing data

Instructor Use Copy Request

Teachers, instructors, or professors who are teaching with TaskArchitect and require or recommend TaskArchitect for Students software on your course syllabus may request an instructor-use copy to support your teaching activities.

To be eligible for a copy you must:

  • Require or recommend TaskArchitect for Students on your course syllabus
  • Include TaskArchitect for Students in your course curriculum
  • Ask your campus bookstore to stock copies of TaskArchitect for Students for purchase

TaskArchitect for Students is for use by students on student-owned hardware to meet course requirements and perform academic research at degree-granting institutions only. They are not available for government, commercial, or other organizational use.

TaskArchitect for Teachers

Teachers that do not qualify for the Instructor Use Copy above, may still receive a 20% discount on TaskArchitect versions. Please contact sales@taskarchitect.com for more information.

Equip your students with the tools they need for better task analysis learning.

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