Modeling and Simulation

Models and simulations of human performance are built on a sound understanding of the tasks that the operator undertakes. TaskArchitect enables those basic tasks to be rapidly captured, reviewed and exported to sophisticated modeling and simulation programs.

TaskArchitect offers:

  • Speedy data capture - to allow time with subject matter experts and time in the field to be reduced
  • Task information review - enhance data quality within a single site visit by reviewing information on the fly
  • Detailed task description - define up to 40 different task properties, including the cognitive, perceptual and physical aspects of the task
  • Rapid data entry - combined with export to modeling and simulation tools, this allows TaskArchitect to act as a rapid front end to more complex analytical tools

TaskArchitect provides a range of support to modeling and simulation projects, from telephone and on-site technical or process advice, to detailed customization of TaskArchitect features and integration with your own systems.

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