Taking the work out of task analysis


TaskArchitect is a dedicated tool made just for task analysis so your team doesn't need to make compromises or waste time with programs that weren't designed for the job. Whether you use task analysis for complex system design or to create training materials, TaskArchitect enables you to work more efficiently to produce exceptional results.

It is easy to configure, highly customizable, clear, and intuitive to use. 


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Standard Features:

  • Simplicity in recording and organizing tasks
  • Point and click creation of plans, with logic clearly shown
  • Automatic re-numbering of tasks and plans after each edit
  • Automatic generation of a variety of clearly laid out task diagrams
  • Flexibility in recording task details
  • Support for any task analysis need
  • Support for collaboration between analysts
  • Rapid production of reports
  • Easy export for re-use in other tools



TaskArchitect has helped to simplify task analysis for many different fields, from Human Factors to Defense Research. Learn more about the different disciplines that TaskArchitect has been used in to make task analysis easier and more intuitive.

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TaskArchitect is used extensively by academic institutions to make it easier for students to learn task analysis. Learn how TaskArchitect can enhance your academic career and find information on how to reach out about academic discounts.

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TaskArchitect comes in three different versions - Reader Edition, Standard Edition, and Professional Edition. Learn more about our different products to see which would best suit your team's task analysis needs. 

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Check out our blog to see the newest information about TaskArchitect, learn about how our products can enhance your team's task analysis, and check out our guides on how to conduct task analyses. 

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