How Task Analysis Can Help in the Hiring Process

When it's time for an organization to begin the search for a new hire, it's important for that company to find the person who is the most capable candidate that is able to excel at each task that they are given. Before starting the new hire process, we think it is a great idea to perform a task analysis of the duties of the job position that is soon to be filled to allow your hiring team to make more informed decisions about the candidates they will interview and to make sure that the content of the job tasks are discussed during the interview process.

We recommend that every company has a detailed list of duties for each job position that an employee may hold. It's useful to perform a task analysis on each of those duties so your hiring team can have a detailed reference that tells them exactly what needs to be done by the person who will be filling this position. The task analyses will show, step by step, how the employee will complete the task. This analysis will make sure that the hiring team is mindful of all the skills that will be required of the new hire.

Having a better, detailed idea of the content of your employee's job positions will help you more clearly communicate what it is you are looking for in a new employee and will let the people who you are interviewing know if the job is the right fit for them.