How to activate TaskArchitect offline.


Sometimes, due to security regulations at a job site or a lack of internet connectivity in a certain location, users will need to be able to activate their TaskArchitect software offline.

A manual installation is easy!

You will need the software serial number from your purchase (which will be sent to you via email from our sales team) and access to a non-secure computer with internet access. Luckily, you can do the prep and use a non-secure computer at home or in a library and then bring the information with you to the secure site later.

1. First, download a fresh version of our software.

2. Unzip and install the software and then choose the “manual install” option. You will be directed to a page which displays your computer id number.

3. Go to a non-secure computer with internet access and log into the web address:

4. Enter the activation code (serial number) and the computer number (PC identifier) and a new activation code will be generated.

5. Go back to the secure computer’s installation screen and insert the new code beneath the serial number and the PC identifier.

All done! You’re set to use TaskArchitect on a secure computer!