TaskArchitect and Education


We at TaskArchitect love education. It empowers communities, creates exceptional innovations, and teaches people to think critically about the world around them. Because we value educators and students so much, we have a program that provides discounts for those who devote themselves to educating themselves and others.

For the college students out there: we know that expenses can pile up when you're in college - books, classes, and rent can cost a staggering amount. That's why we have our biggest discount for active, full time college students. To learn more about our student discount, email sales@taskarchitect.com. 

For the educators: You can either get a 20% discount on all of our products, or you can potentially qualify for free software if you do three things. First, you must require TaskArchitect on your course syllabus. Second, you have to include TaskArchitect in your course curriculum. Third, you have to ask the campus bookstore if they would consider putting up a sign advertising TaskArchitect next to the other course books you are using.

For any questions, please refer to: http://www.taskarchitect.com/academia/ or email us at sales@taskarchitect.com.