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TaskArchitect comes in three editions - Reader Edition, Standard Edition, and Professional Edition. 

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All TaskArchitect products can be purchased through the Paypal link below. Once your purchase has gone through, a member of our sales team will email you a download link and activated serial number to the email address used during the purchase process by the end of the business day. For all purchasing related questions, please email:


TaskArchitect Reader Edition is a free version of our software that allows users to read and review task analyses that have been created in either TaskArchitect Standard Edition or TaskArchitect Professional Edition. It can also edit one property in a task analysis to add the user's notes. It is ideal for Project Leads and Supervisors.

TaskArchitect Standard Edition is perfect for moderate task analyses, with up to 200 tasks and 20 properties. TaskArchitect Standard has link analysis, location mapping, and timeline analysis capabilities, and is an excellent option for creating training materials.

TaskArchitect Professional Edition is ideal for large, complex task analyses. It supports task analyses with up to 4000 tasks and 200 properties per analysis. It has link analysis, location mapping, and timeline analysis capabilities, and it is the only version of TaskArchitect with the ability to Attach/Detach tasks. It is the perfect option for users creating elaborate task analyses. 


Software Requirements: 

This version of TaskArchitectTM requires at a minimum Windows XP and will run on any more recent version of Windows. It will only run on an Apple computer running a PC emulation program.

TaskArchitectTM is built using the .NET Framework. This is Microsoft's software programming architecture designed to create the latest computer applications. In order for you to run next generation applications like TaskArchitectTM that utilize this new technology, you will need the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5 or later. This will be installed as part of the TaskArchitectTM installation process if your computer does not already have it. Similarly, the HASP security drivers will also be installed if required for your version. 

Hardware Requirements:

A minimum of a 333MHz Pentium 4 is required. A hard drive with at least 50 MB of free space.
A minimum of 1G of available memory (RAM).S